There are a lot of fun events planned this year! Here is a list of some of the fun events to look forward to:

October 2016:

  • Sands Point Camping Adventure

November 2016:

  • Leaf Raking
  • Ten Commandments Hike
  • Shelter Rock District Tigermania (Tigers Only)

December 2016:

  • Pine Wood Derby Workshop

January 2017:

  • Pinewood Derby Car Racing
  • Brooklyn Nets Game

February 2017:

  • Pack Ski, Snowboard, Tubing & Cabin Camping Trip
  • Blue and Gold Banquet
  • SR District Derby

March 2017:

  • Museum Sleepover

April 2017

  • Cub-O-Ree Family Camping at Schiff Scout Reservation

May 2017

  • Theodore Roosevelt Council Cent-O-Ree

June 2017

  • Charter Fishing Trip
  • Annual Pack Picnic

July 2017

  • Long Island Ducks

August 2017

  • Cub-Parent Weekend

Parents, if you have any photos from scouting events you’d like to share, please send your photos to:

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