Welcome Scouts!


     We have a lot of fun events planned for the spring and summer months! We hope you all enjoyed the fun camping trip at the 2012 Cub-o-ree. For those of you who could not make it to this past camping trip, don’t worry, there is another overnight camping trip planned, so get your sleeping bags and flashlights ready for more outdoor adventures!

One thought on “Welcome Scouts!

  • Recently, 11 Six & Seven year old Great Neck Tiger Cubs visited with Chief Lawrence Jacobs at the Vigilant Fire Company on Cuttermill Rd. in Great neck. The Tigers learned about how members of the Fire Department volunteer their time to help keep members of the community safe and had a wonderful time exploring the Firehouse and having a hands-on experience with some of the equipment along with a tour and explanation of the various command centers within the Firehouse..

    In addition to climbing aboard a real Fire Truck, the boys got to go into one of the Ambulances and learned how to measure their Oxygen Rates using a clamp that attached to their finger ( Cool ! ). They also got a thorough explanation and demonstration of some of the tools Firefighters use, including the Jaws-Of-Life and a saw that could cut through the metal of a car if somebody was stuck in their car after accident ( Wow ! That was a LOUD saw ! )

    After a thorough tour and final round of questions and answers, the Tiger Cubs were given honorary Firefighter Hats to take home along with their memories !!! How many 7 year olds get to spend 90 informative minutes with a Chief of a real live Fire Department ? Great Neck Cub Scouts is Cool !

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