2023 Pinewood Derby and Bear Carnival

Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day at our Pinewood Derby event! It was an action-packed day filled with excitement, competition, and plenty of fun for everyone involved.

Mr. Mike going over the rules before the races begin!

The day started early with the setup of the race track, and soon enough, the participants started arriving with their carefully crafted Pinewood Derby cars. As the cars were weighed and inspected, the excitement in the air was palpable. Everyone was eager to see who would come out on top in the race.

Before the races began, Rebecca Sassouni, Great Neck Board of Education President, and Rory Lancman, President of the Great Neck Board of Trustees, judged all of the cars for the best paintjob and the best design. As you can see in the pictures below, there were so many creative designs. It was clear that the scouts put a lot of time and effort into their cars, and Rebecca and Rory had a hard time picking the winners!

As the races began, the energy in the room was electric. The sound of cheering and laughter filled the air as each car zoomed down the track, with everyone rooting for their favorite car. The races were fast-paced, and each heat was more exciting than the last.

One of the best parts of the event was seeing the sportsmanship displayed by the participants. Even when a car didn’t win, the participants were gracious and supportive of each other. It was clear that they understood that the Pinewood Derby was about more than just winning; it was about having fun and building lasting friendships.

The day was not just about the races, as the bears hosted the annual Bear Carnival to keep everyone entertained. They set up multiple booths for different games. We had raffles and snacks. There were water, paper planes, and plastic balls in the air. But, most importantly, laughter!

The event was a huge success, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s Pinewood Derby! Good job, scouts!

Wheelchair Basketball Team Nassau Kings Visits 178 Webelos

On Saturday, January 28, 2023, players of the Wheelchair Basketball Team Nassau Kings spoke to the Webelos (4th graders) of Pack 178 at Great Neck South High School’s gym.

In this event, Kings players shared some of the challenges with moving in a wheelchair, how playing basketball has changed their lives, and showed off their special moves. The Webelos also got to learn about the specially-designed basketball wheelchairs, and maneuver and race in one. They got to shoot some hoops as well!

This activity satisfies the requirements of the Webelos’ elective adventure, Aware and Care, which requires the scouts to develop an awareness of the challenges that physically disabled people face, to care more about them and be more inclusive.

This event was organized by the Webelos Den Leader, Seth Kurpiel.

Pack 178 is deeply thankful to the Nassau Kings players who came out to share their lives with our scouts! We encourage everyone to support the Kings by going to their website so that they can continue to do what they love.

The cub scouts of Pack 178 come from all four Great Neck public elementary schools – E.M. Baker, J. F. Kennedy, Lakeville, and Saddle Rock – and Buckley Country Day School.

Great Neck Pack 178 is always happy to welcome new Scouts. Any girls and boys from Kindergarten through fourth grade should visit www.greatneckcubscouts.com for more information.

Great Neck Cub Scouts Compete in The Annual Klondike Derby

On an unusually warm muddy winter February day, scouts of the Arrow of Light (AOL) den from Great Neck Cub Scouts Pack 178 came together to compete in the annual Klondike Derby at Muttontown Preserve in Oyster Bay.

The Klondike Derby, typically held in colder temperatures, is hosted annually by the Shelter Rock District of the Theodore Roosevelt Council of BSA in which Cub Scouts in patrols compete in scout related team building challenges. The scouts are tested on their skills including leadership skills, teamwork, U.S. Flag folding, various knots, fire building, map and compass navigation. All the challenges are completed by the scouts without any adult assistance.

Two months prior to the event, the AOL den, consisting of Great Neck fifth graders, started preparing for the Klondike Derby. The preparation was guided by their den leader, Julienne Kawai and assisted by Pack 178 Committee Chair Wen Wu and Steve Chen. The AOL den diligently updated last year’s “sledge” and built an additional sledge with a US flag motif, which will be passed on to the future scouts of Pack 178.  Together, the scouts practiced flag folding, knot tying (square, two half-hitch, taut line and bowline knots), lashing, fire building skills, first aid skills and compass skills. Included in their preparation, the scouts participated in an outing with Great Neck BSA Troop 10, who helped the AOLs learn how to tie Alpine Butterfly knots.  

Split into two patrols, the Treacherous Tigers and the Spicy GOATS, they competed against each other along with two other cub scouts packs from the North Shore area.  Given a map of “cities” (campsite) within Muttontown Preserve and a compass, the two patrol leaders with their assistants led their patrol racing to the cities while pulling their sledge full of equipment. At each city, the mayor of the city gave the patrols a challenge on various scouting skills in order to earn nuggets (points) based on how quickly and successfully they completed it. Challenges included answering various first aid questions, making a makeshift stretcher out of two poles and a blanket and using various rope and knot skills to lift their sledge securely off the ground.  Another task was to build a small fire with firewood stacked at a maximum height, start it without matches, and have flames reach a certain height without adjusting the original fire structure built.

At the end of the day, the two patrols came together and cheered each other on as they all worked together while having fun and building lasting memories with their fellow scouts.  This competition solidified their bonds and prepared them for the challenges that await them at Boy Scouts.

The Arrow of Light scouts are finishing up their requirements and will bridge over to the Great Neck BSA Troop 10 in early March.

The Cub Scouts were from all four Great Neck public elementary schools – E.M. Baker, J. F. Kennedy, Lakeville, and Saddle Rock – and Buckley Country Day School.

Great Neck Pack 178 is always happy to welcome new Scouts. Any girls and boys from Kindergarten through fourth grade should visit www.greatneckcubscouts.com for more information.

Pack 178 Community Service

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t stop the Pack 178 scouts from helping those in need in our community. Here are some snapshots from community service activities! *All proper safety and health protocols were observed.

On November 21, 2021, the Webelos and AOLs joined the Great Neck Rotary Club, Great Neck Chinese Association and other civic organizations for their annual Turkey Drive for Thanksgiving. Scouts brought their awesome attitudes and amazing smiles (under their masks) and helped make this event great!

On November 21, 2021, scouts cleaned up fallen leaves at All Saints Church in Great Neck. It was hard work, but a lot of fun, too! A scout is clean, kind, and helpful.

As a part of the pack meeting on December 16, 2021, scouts put together 100 First Aid kits. Each First Aid kit contained different-sized band aids, an ice pack, a tweezer, a pair of disposable gloves, gauze, and a roll of tape. Each scout made 2 First Aid kits – one for themselves when they go hiking and camping, and the other to give to another person. About 50 kits were donated to St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church in Great Neck.

Good job, scouts! We’re proud and thankful for your service to our community.